Chillout Impression

Concert tour / Music producer, sound designer, sound engineer

Chillout Impression concert is totally new type of a performance for the world. It is created for any person, who needs inner peace, chills and calmness. It consists of live piano music with singing supported by heavenly voices and choirs, oriental instrumentation, and orchestration covered with electronic music.

"Close your eyes and dive into yourself to discover your true interior with the support of great and enriching music. In the rush of everyday life, you roll along on the same wheel often falling into unconscious patterns of monotony in your daily activities. It's time to change that. Take a break."


Show and stage concept

"A piano stands in the middle surrounded by sun loungers. As the relaxing sounds of an unprecedented combination of carefully selected music genres play, different motifs are created live and processed electronically as the audience melts their cares away.

Columns surrounding the stage perfect the sonic experience as every listener's journey becomes personal and satisfying in such an intimate atmosphere.

A meditative journey through carefully selected songs that endure as time easily slips by, different montages featuring piano, new age techniques, Oriental instrumentation and imaginative stage lighting and scenery make up the content of this atmospheric concert."



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